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Go through following to fix the Norton error 8504, 5

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Sometimes Norton prompts up with the error 8504, 5 and Norton crashes down and you need to fix it up as soon as possible because leaving your computer without protection can be harmful for the device, so, all you need to do is contact the Norton customer service and get the assistance accordingly.

The customer service executives of Norton are technically sound and provide immediate support to its customers, so, whatever be the issue, all you need to do is contact the customer service, they are available round the clock.

But before contacting the customer support, go through following troubleshooting steps:
  1. Click on uninstall and reinstall the Norton before running the Norton Remove and

Reinstall tool.

2. You need to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall the tool.

3. Also, you can save the file onto Windows desktop.

4. However, it might happen that the file gets automatically saved on the computer.

5. On the browser, open the Downloads window by pressing the Ctrl+J key.

6. The screen prompts up the NRnR icon and you can double click on it.

7. Next screen shows the license agreement; you are required to click on Agree button.

8. Click on Remove & Reinstall button.

9. Click on Continue or Remove button.

10. Click on Restart Now.

The above steps assist you in removing the error but you can call on Norton Support number to get the assistance.

In addition to removing the above errors, one can contact the customer service for removing following issues also:

  • Missing Norton product key.
  • If you need assistance regarding buying the right suit according to your requirement.
  • Upgrading the Norton suit.
  • Needed assistance to install the Norton product.

For more information, you can contact the Norton customer service. The customer service executives provide immediate assistance and since they have thorough knowledge about the product, they provide end to end solution to customer.

You can call the customer care anytime which means they are available round the clock. Norton customer care representatives are knowledgeable, responsive and provide fast support and have several years of experience.

Further, Norton diagnoses the system and removes the malware and unwanted programs. Also, the customer service executives work diligently to find and fix all the issue and even if you need to know about special features of Norton, all you need to do is contact Norton Support number.

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